One moment = 17 seconds

Did you know that? I didn’t. But apparently, I had been using the “one moment!” phrase so often that my five year old counted how long a “moment” was. Oops!

I was very thankful that in this “moment,” he got up to only 17 seconds as I am well aware that many of my “moments” last much longer.

A parenting phrase that I learned long ago {and clearly omitted from my vocabulary} is one that I do believe is key to helping kids understand the importance of your time and, in essence, what time is.

When your minion asks you to come over or do something while you are cleaning/working/sneaking Easter candy, etc… rather than saying, “one moment,” use the following phrase:

When I am done with ___________, then I will come look at ___________.

This phrase is important for kids since they:

  1. are learning the concept of time;
  2. feel that what they are showing you is important and they value your opinion;
  3. realize that you have projects you are working on that are important too; and
  4. learn from your example.

If you continue to let your children believe that a “moment” is actually 7 minutes, don’t be surprised when you call them to dinner and they don’t come right away. They think they will be there in a “moment,” your definitions are simply different.

My eldest has actually started using the phrase in her vocabulary and, honestly, it works nicely. “When I am done reading this chapter, then I’ll come play.” {So far, she uses it at appropriate times.}

Little children, however, have no concept of time. Our minions are learning how to tell time and I definitely have been called out on my kids more and more.

“Mommy, you said we would leave in 2 minutes, but you are still talking to Miss K.”

Yes. Yes I am. So, the next time my little one asks, my response will be: “WHEN I am done chatting with my friend, THEN we will leave.” 🙂

Have a great day!

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