A Child’s Reminder

My time and my minions’ time hardly ever match up.

While I want my children to do certain things in a certain time frame, it is important to remember that they will do it in their time, when they are ready.

Case in point: My eldest is more timid than my younger children. She is much more cautious and worries more. When it came time to learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels, she was not exactly on board. The fact remained that my little girl has very long legs and simply could not ride her little girl bike any more.

She got a new “big girl bike” when she turned six and showed a little eagerness, but it faded quite quickly. After trying multiple ways of teaching her how to ride, she simply wasn’t getting it and had no desire to do so.

We would get our excited voices going and ask, “Are you going to ride today?” and her response was always a shy, “I’ll try…” I would even get my Yoda parenting on and state, “There is no try, only do.” She didn’t.

After months of trying, she discovered she would much rather ride a scooter and actually got very good at riding the scooter. Great speed and endurance. OK. It was something.


The eldest minion preparing herself.

Well, today, nearly TWO YEARS after receiving her “big girl bike” she simply declared, “I’m going to try to ride my bike today.”

She put on her helmet, knee guards and elbow pads and got on her bike.

After a rough start, I asked if I could help. “YES!” was her emphatic response given in a tone of “Thank God, mommy offered!” almost too proud to ask. I gave her a quick boost and off she went! And she kept going!

The smile on her face was from ear to ear! Almost as big as mine 🙂

This was a huge reminder for me.

Our eldest minion is incredibly smart, kind, and creative, but she’s also nervous about trying certain things. Of course, to me, the things she is nervous about is silly at times. But the thing that I must remember is that she will do things in her time.

These moments are not about me. They are about encouraging her!


The minions chased her down the road encouraging her. It was adorable!

As her mommy, I need to remember this. I need to join in her celebratory moments and I need to remember to be patient when she doesn’t achieve a childhood skill in my timeline.

In the grand scheme, does it matter that she didn’t ride her two-wheel bike when I wanted her to? No. It doesn’t. The answer is that simple.

The important thing is that she did it in her time and she did it with confidence! May I always remember to share in her joys and not try to hurry her onto my timeline.

Today, we rejoice 🙂

Have a great day!


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