Why he matters

I know we live in a world where women can do anything and we don’t need men in our lives, but in my world, I do. I need my husband.

People often compliment the activities that I do with my children, but the reality is that my husband found many of our favorite things: Art for Kids Hub, the Metro Parks Explorer Program, and the perks of the Westerville Library to name a few. Now, yes, I probably would have been able to find these items if I were looking, but I wasn’t. He was!

When a weekend occurs like this past one where I was simply out of commission due to sickness, he tells all the kids that mommy is off limits and then takes over all the duties. He typically has to tell me to go nap so the kids actually do let me have quiet 🙂 In this time, he plays with them, cooks for them, and even cleans up.

Most importantly, my husband supports me and my decisions with all his heart. He listens to me and speaks truth in love. We have amazing conversations and some really nonsensical ones. {Those are the fun ones!} And I never feel judged by him. All I feel is genuine love and support.

Without him, I would probably go crazy. He is my outlet. He lets me escape family life to simply be with my girlfriends. He is so incredibly thoughtful of our needs in any decision he makes. He is mine and I am his and I am happy about that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.27.59 PM

Now, I’m not saying this to gloat or spark jealousy by any stretch of the imagination. I simply feel that in article after article, couples aren’t experiencing this. As I am a mom, many times in these articles, the husbands play the role of dunce who can’t do anything right nor do they give any support to the mom. I just want people who read this to know that respectful men exist. They do teach, love, and support their families.

There is no magic lesson as to how to achieve a happy balance as I know that we were very blessed to find one another and we just happened to click with one another. But I do know that talking openly with each other about expectations has been very helpful for us.

I have several friends with great marriages and radiate the same happiness. I also have some friends who have had some very sad marriage stories.

To me, it’s all about respecting one another – not just as husband and wife, but simply as humans.

Perhaps if more stories/shows/articles promoted the happiness that does exist within marriage, there would be less cynicism regarding marriage in our culture. And maybe, if we can simply get back to a world where we respect each and every person, the world will be a happier place.

Have a nice day!


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