Hidden Treasure: Safety Town in New Albany

Looking for something fun and creative that will keep little ones busy for hours at no cost to you? {I know; who isn’t!?!} Safety Town in New Albany is a wonderful getaway for families that can fill your day if you come prepared.

So, this isn’t exactly “hidden” as we’ve known about it for years as have others, but I’ve learned that is “hidden” to those outside of New Albany, so this will be our little secret 😉

image     image

Located across the road from the New Albany K-1 School, Safety Town is designed to teach K-1 students street safety. Literally a miniature version of New Albany, Safety Town is filled with brick buildings, roads, cross walks, and even a road through the woods in order to allow children to learn road safety in a safe space.

When Safety Town is in session, street lights and signs are added to bring the town to life.

image     image

Another perk is the location. Being located just across from the K-1 building, access to the K-1 playground offers another hour of fun! Designed for little people, this is one of the best school playgrounds I have seen! When school is in session, however, this is off limits. Luckily, there is a play park just down the road, next to the water park. Bathrooms, too, are accessible in the picnic pavilion just down the road. There are walking paths just behind the water park as well.

What to pack

In order to make the most out of your time at Safety Town, I recommend packing the following:

  • Bikes, Trikes, and scooters {or anything that moves so that little ones can be “cars” on the roads}
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Tickets to hand out when little ones break the rules of the road
    • The tickets are fun and they reinforce good habits. Be warned though, on ornery days, kids might be looking for tickets 🙂
  • Picnic lunch for after in the pavilion just down the road {with bathrooms!}

Where is Safety Town

Just across from the New Albany K-1 Elementary Building:
5101 Swickard Woods Blvd
New Albany , OH 43054

image     image

This place is an absolute treasure and my kids love it, as I’m sure yours will as well.

Have fun!



2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure: Safety Town in New Albany

    • My eldest daughter is nearly 8… If you couple it as part of the play park/nature hike/picnic, maybe not. However if they are all older and typically ride their bikes well,I would suggest a ride IN New Albany and stop for lunch or have a picnic 🙂


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