Lego Party

My littliest minion turned 4 last month. For his 3rd birthday, we had a pretty amazing Super Hero Party. When we asked what he wanted for his 4th birthday, he said… Super Heroes! Hmm…

OK, well, let’s see how we might be able to incorporate this obsession love of Super Heroes into something else that he loves. Ah-ha! Legos!!!

Super Hero Legos to be exact. 🙂

There is so much that you can do with a Lego Birthday Party that one quick trip to Pinterest had our party pretty planned out. {Check out my Lego Party Board here.}

We like to let our minions join us on Pinterest when doing things for them. For example, birthday parties. From invitations, to cakes, to games, we had it all – and they were all kid-approved!



Little touches totally made this party! The kids helped make this silverware/napkin caddy out of mega-blocks. They also helped decide what moods the Lego cups and balloons were {both purchased at Dollar Tree}. Just grab a Sharpie and start drawing! {I did not realize before drawing these that Lego people have no noses. Why is that?!?}


Game time!

Using white poster board {2/$1.00 at Dollar Tree} and Construction paper, this “Build Your Own Lego Man” was pretty easy and fun to make. {Don’t make fun of the hands!} I simply used painters tape to put the back drop on the wall and put mounting putty {like this} on the back of the paper so the kids could build and rebuild.

{Note: Since ours was simply a family party, I did not laminate these. However, if you plan to have a lot of children or use this multiple times, I highly recommend laminating your final products.}


A fun project I had been planning was to create a Lego table for my children and their love of all things Lego. We debuted it for his birthday. We bought two sets of baseplates off of Amazon. I had the perfect coffee table in our basement that is actually my parents from before I was born! That baby has held up VERY WELL! It has lipped edges, so no sliding off. {My original idea was to hot glue the baseplates to a piece of plywood, but this has worked very nicely for our family, so at the moment, this will remain.}

The kids used the Lego table for literally HOURS!

Thanks to One Mamas Daily Drama, I printed Lego Activity books. We each got to create ourselves as a Lego Person. Just look at those proud faces!


Cake Time!

Next, the cake. Lucas LOVED picking out the cake and was surprisingly particular about it! He found his four favorite Lego men and asked if they could hold the candles. Who can say no to that? {Note: to do this, you will either need to buy thin candles or force the candles into the hands of the Lego men. I thought the candles might have broken, but they withheld pretty well and did a wonderful job!}

Chocolate fudge cake with vanilla icing. Mmm… Add a little fondant and some Lego molds and you have a pretty fun cake!


I hope this helps in your Lego Party planning or just gives you some ideas for a Lego Lesson Week {Check out this HUGE list of Lego lessons from Teaching Ideas!}

Have a great day!


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