How the Westerville Library Saves Time & Money

Throughout central Ohio, we definitely have a state-of-the-art library system. It is incredibly impressive and helps a lot in planning our months.  {See my rankings of our local libraries here.}

While I do love many of the libraries, the Westerville Library has so many pluses that I rarely go elsewhere now. Not only is it recognized by Library Journal as a Five-Star Library {placing Westerville in the top 1% of all public libraries in the United States}, there are so many hidden gems that add to the convenience.

Time-saving drive thru

We often reserve movies and books online and request them for pick up through the drive thru. Next to the drive thru is a book return. You literally NEVER have to walk into the library to borrow and return items if you so desire.

Much more than books

Each trip to the library for us takes us to the media room. Not for movies, though the kids definitely love that aspect too, but for the audio books. Right now, we are in the lovely phase of still needing a nap, but refusing to nap. To help us during resting time, the kids pick out audio books.

There are some audio book versions that guide kids through books which helps them learn to follow along. My three-year-old LOVES these as tend to include Curious George 🙂 My five-year-old tends to navigate toward the longer, multi-CD audio books. We discovered the Whatever After series doing this. My husband isn’t a fan of the narrator {as she speaks like a teenager… good luck in the future, honey!}, but the kids love how they take the original versions of the stories and manipulate them. My eldest has even commented that Disney gave his stories “Hollywood endings” after we discussed the differences.  It opened up a whole new book series to us that my girls love.

In addition to the audio books, they always have “Just Released” movies {though you are going to want to reserve those online as soon as possible. Remember to pick them up at the Drive Thru ;)}. We don’t watch a ton of movies, but pretty much anything we have wanted to watch we have been able to.

CD’s are hit at our house too. I did this much more when the kids were little, but before we go on long road trips {which with family out of state, happens a few times a year} we stock up on CDs, DVDs and audio books. We have listened to the book version of The Wizard of Oz and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and others as a family in the van and it is a lot of fun. We used to listen to more adult books like John Grisham and then the kids went and started understanding things and staying awake… Darn aging 🙂

Events and Classes

Believe me, I know that the libraries have story times and events for the kids. But Westerville seems to step-it-up a little here. They tend to have various events and classes for all ages all year long. Music, Yoga, Rhyming… it’s fantastic! We have seen fabulous puppet shows and various musicians in their meeting spaces. They do not cut corners when it comes to bringing in the talent. And everything is free! You simply need to register at their site.

I absolutely LOVE their STEAM Story time {and am VERY sad I have a time conflict now!}. In this, they learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. We have registered for this class a few times and they always teach something different. The kids learn about the planets, or momentum, play with bubble art, etc… They really keep the kids engaged with the activities and songs.

Beyond these courses, they have an imagination station within the library for dramatic play. They change this station monthly and really do a nice job with creating fun stations for the kids to interact with, such as a post office, a grocery store, and a farmer’s market to name a few. This is coupled with crafts and coloring sheets. Note that this space is actually OUTSIDE the kid’s room which has puzzles, a magnet board, school bus, and – oh yea – BOOKS 🙂

As the kids get older, we will be taking advantage of the Homework Help Center as my 2nd grader is already learning things in a different way than my husband and me.  I know that this will only get harder and having people who understand and desire to help is going to be a huge relief in the coming years.

The Westerville Library hosts various technology classes as well throughout the year for those who may be struggling with technology.


So, phew! I know that there is a lot of information in here, but these are things that if you don’t know, you should. The Westerville Library has honestly saved our family a ton of time and money. {Seriously, if you add up all the movie purchases or rentals, it gets ridiculous.}

Just don’t rack up late fees! Have a great day!!!

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