Mommy Suggestion: Blogilates

I know, I know. We moms tend to get our energy drained by these adorable little blood suckers on a daily basis. Unless we make an effort and schedule time into the day to exercise {yes, yes, that dreaded word}, the odds are, it is the first item to go.

However, the benefits of exercise far outweighs any negative you can imagine. Exercise actually gives you energy, although at the time it may seem like it is taking it. Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy! They also, of course, tone you up and help you live a longer life. But, still… who has time?!?

If you are not intentional, you will not do it. Be intentional! Simply plan for a quick workout during nap time or as you avoid the 11 dreaded minutes a day {see, a bonus!}. And, I have just the recommendation for those 11 minutes…

Blogilates is a great way to work some exercise in your day. Cassey Ho created this energetic Pop Pilates program and designed a myriad of mini-workouts you can easily do during nap time. You can mix and match on your own or follow her plans located at Added bonus: It’s FREE!

Her presence and style are addicting. She is incredibly encouraging as she kills you with a smile.  You can get an amazing workout in as little as six minutes or if you have more time, she has some total body workouts near 20 minutes. You will feel the burn! {Don’t believe me? Just try the Arms on Fire…}

The Blogilates website is very well organized and I have never had an issue finding exactly what I am looking for. She offers recipes and workout calendars AND an app for both Android and iPhone. I also subscribe to her YouTube Channel and follow her on Pinterest, but overall, I tend to simply go to


I highly recommend checking her out during your next free time.

Have fun! Feel the burn!!!


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