Intentionally Loving 

My heart was very happy earlier today and so I wanted to find an image of love to inspire couples to smile together today. I typed in “my husband” intending to finish with “my husband, my best friend.” This was what Google anticipated I was searching for based upon the world’s most commonly searched phrases.
This. Is. Sad.

The fact is that half of the marriages in America end in divorce. If we are going to make marriage work in today’s world, we must put in the effort to find the good in our spouse every day. Make it a habit!

When you intentionally do something, you get faster results. Each day, I encourage you to think of something simple that you love about your significant other.  An easy way to stay in love is to make it a point in each and every day.

During your quiet time, make a point to think of your spouse in a positive way. Think of your first kiss or how s/he makes up ridiculous songs randomly. Something that when you think of it, you smile.

If husbands and wives made a point to do this daily, a habit of love would form.

I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than on our wedding day. We have created so many wonderful memories and remembering those moments help keep our love strong.

Have a great day!


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