Pinterest Board Suggestion: Autumn Preschool

If you’ve been on Pinterest, odds are you’ve gotten overwhelmed at one time or another. {See the Pinterest Dos and Don’ts here.} I’ve decided that there are so many great ideas on Pinterest and so I am going to recommend a pinner and/or board to follow each month in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on some pretty amazing, creative ideas.

I swear this isn’t a shameless plug, but this month, I picked MY Pinterest Boards 🙂 Most specifically, my Autumn Preschool Board. I LOVE Autumn and the season itself really lends itself to a myriad of crafts and lessons. I literally have planned each week’s theme through November simply based on Autumn. Here is our list:

Utilizing my favorite preschool sites, pinning fun preschool crafts, syncing lessons with our favorite park programs, and reviewing my favorite curriculum book {The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood}, the plans are swift and the lessons are set!

I hope this helps you plan for your Autumn lessons as well 🙂


Have a great day!


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