Pinterest Board Suggestion: Super Healthy Kids

If you’ve been on Pinterest, odds are you’ve gotten overwhelmed at one time or another. {See the Pinterest Dos and Don’ts here.} I’ve decided that there are so many great ideas on Pinterest and so I am going to recommend a pinner to follow in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on some pretty amazing, creative ideas.

Not on Pinterest? No worries. I am posting a direct link to the site as well.

Teaching our kids healthy habits is a huge part of our Family Mission. We like to be active and encourage our kids to eat healthy, while enjoying treats occasionally, of course! Super Healthy Kids was developed by two moms who took on the mission to promote fun & healthy eating in families.

The site is amazingly creative and offers healthy treats, recipes, and meal plans. More often than not, the options are very simple and fun. My kids always love it and it is a go-to for me when looking for ways to play with my food 🙂

>>>Click here to check out the board on Pinterest.<<<

>>>Click here to go directly to the Web site.<<<pbs-shk

Previous Board Suggestions:

Have fun & get pinning!



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