Kids’ Behavior Chart {Free Printable}

Before my eldest minion started Kindergarten last year, we toured her school. One thing that stuck out to me immediately was this gigantic six-foot rainbow chart in her room with 20+ clothes pins on it – each containing a child’s name. The school principal explained to us that this was a way for the teacher to keep track of the kids behavior. Every morning, all kids started out on green. If they did something very positive and/or helpful, they “clip up.” If they do something negative, they “clip down.” The chart is big so that each child is held accountable for his/her actions. I was in love.

Now, I know that many of you may know of this, but this was brand new to me! Each day, the first thing my minion would tell me was what color she was on. Then we would talk about how she ended up there. My younger minions were very curious about this phenomenon and also were very open to the idea. And so, I pulled out paper and crayons and I made our own chart, Red=Bad and Purple/Stars = Awesome!. {Very primitive, but effective!}

The minions LOVED it! I put their names on clothes pins and hung it on the refrigerator. It was and is effective!

My littlest minion was about 18 months at the time and learned that if he did something naughty, he needed to clip down. Now, he would put himself immediately on red, so the concept was there, but the execution needed help.

In the beginning, any minion who had green or above got a treat at the end of the day. If they are orange or red, they lose favorite toys. {I will say, we aren’t incredibly strict, so most days they got their treats 🙂 The days they didn’t, though…}

Today, the desire with my minions is simply to be green or above. Rarely have we gotten down to orange or red, but those days… Phew! They earned those colors and they have to explain to daddy why they are there.

We have used this behavioral system for about two years and the kids still abide by it. Their friends have clips as well and will ask what they can do to clip up 🙂

An added bonus: I yell less since I simply have to say, “go clip down.”

Now, I know that there are countless ways to measure a child’s behavior and debates as to if you should, but I can tell you that this system has worked amazingly for us.

>>>Click here to download a Behavior Chart<<<

Tip! Laminate the chart to extend the life.

Have a great day!!!


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