Superhero Week

We have called all want-to-be Superheroes to the Superhero Training Academy. Here, they will learn problem solving, observational skills, and how to write their names while staying in the lines. It’s a tough week, and only the strong will make it through and become true Superheroes!

Luckily for me, my son’s 3rd birthday was a Superhero party, so I had many games and activities already in mind. By incorporating some of our lessons, this week is sure to have great impact on these little superheros!


A great way to kick off Super Hero week is by having your little ones tell you all about themselves as they morph into their own Superhero 🙂 {Free download available at TeachersPayTeachers}

Hands down, the best printable pack I found for FREE that includes lessons for all of my minions from 123HomeSchool4me. From my 3 year old to my soon-to-be 2nd grader, this lesson packet is full of goodness!

Batman fan in your house? 1plus1plus1equals1 has some fun Batman focused lessons. I printed off several of the pages and mixed them in with other packet lessons to provide focus on each day. Plus, the little man LOVES Batman, so I really had no choice 😉


Older minion? Check out this sight word mash.


My Dad, My Hero

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Phonics

Ladybug Girl

Superhero ABC


DIY Captain America Shield – Great for cutting practice!!! {They won’t come out as clean, but it allows them create their own and protects just the same.}

Put up some painters tape and crumple some paper and you have target practice! {We did this at our birthday party and the kids absolutely LOVED it!!!}

Work on agility by covering your house in lasers. OK, it’s yarn, but they still can’t touch it! {This also was a fan-favorite at the party.

Side note: Use white yarn when you do a lesson on Spiders or Halloween 🙂

Admittedly, this next one doesn’t bring in a lot of learning. Stretching it, I’d say it teaches cause & effect 🙂 “Diffuse the Bombs” or rather, “Pop the Balloons.”

When the week is done, proudly provide your Superhero with a Training Certificate for all their hard work.

God speed, my friends.



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