Contact Cards for Kids’ Friends

We are swiftly approaching the last day of school. In our case, these are the final days for my eldest minion to be AT her school as we moved into a new district. Because of this, I knew that she would want to stay connected with a couple of her classmates – especially since she has a summer birthday!

I admit it – I don’t really know any of her school friends parents at all. I could maybe point them out to you in passing, but overall… NOPE! So, I did what I do; I figured out a way to exchange information without having to do a lot of leg work 🙂

As adults, we have business cards, why not create contact cards for kids? 


I decided that I would make a set – one card would have all my daughter’s information on it and the other would have prompts for the kids {OK, their parents} to complete and return to my daughter.

As I got started, I planned to make a 2×5 table in Word and simply print onto card stock then cut each set out. However, as luck would have it, I remembered unpacking a set of Avery 8871 Matte White Clean Edge Business Cards for DIY business cards – you know… in case you ever have a business card emergency, of course! And, I got to work.

My minion was ecstatic at the results and couldn’t wait to share them with her friends. I limited her to 10 friends with which to stay in contact {two sheets of business card template paper}.

Side Note: After exchanging today, she asked for more as some kids were upset they didn’t get one. I asked her if she gave her info to all the people she wanted and she stated she had. I explained that she was under no obligation to give anyone her information. If they really wanted to stay in contact with her, they could easily offer her their information. I never want her to feel guilted into anything; especially by her peers. And even more so by peers whose names I have never heard before today…

Well, long story short, I made some fun little cards for my daughter and felt it might be something that you would benefit from as well, so I am sharing the files! 🙂

There are two versions: one you can customize on your computer and one that you or your kids can write on.

I chose to do mine in black and white, but you can add color for some pizzazz. I like to use font for a burst of fun – Mine uses “Feltpoint” for her name and “Sans Culottes” for the title. {I have a slight font obsession that I am not ashamed of. The hardest part of this project for me was determining which font combination I liked best!}

>>> Click here to download a customizable Word document. <<<

>>> Click here to download a PDF printable. <<<

friends       friends-response

After I did this, I realized that this will be helpful for school, camps, Sunday school, etc… I hope you enjoy them!

Have a great night!


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