Pinterest Board Suggestion – Dramatic Play

If you’ve been on Pinterest, odds are you’ve gotten overwhelmed at one time or another. {See the Pinterest Dos and Don’ts here.} I’ve decided that there are so many great ideas on Pinterest and so I am going to start giving my suggestions of boards to follow in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on some pretty amazing, creative ideas.

Not on Pinterest? No worries. I am posting a direct link to the site as well.

Dramatic or pretend play for preschoolers is especially important in growing their imaginations. It gives them the freedom to learn through play, and gives moms some time to themselves 🙂

Pre-Kinders has put together several dramatic play ideas in order to inspire us. Putting together a dramatic play zone in your house is actually quite simple. More than likely simply something that you haven’t thought of, at least I know that I hadn’t thought of that before I started staying at home. It’s amazing what you will come across when you really start doing some research.

>>>Click here to follow the board on Pinterest.<<<

>>>Click here to go directly to her Dramatic Play site.<<<


Have fun & get creative!



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