Little Explorers Week

Want some fun? Become an Explorer! This week, we are exploring the world around us! Today, we talked all about butterflies. Tomorrow, Spiders!!! I wanted to share with you some of the FREE lessons we are using this week along with some complementing activities to tie it all together.

Lesson Packs:

Quick note: There are many useful lesson plans and such online that you can purchase, especially if you are a teacher. For us and the limited use they do receive in our home, I only use the free packs. To help with the lessons, I have some key sites I use for learning packs. We love our learning packs. In these, you will find coloring sheets, math lessons {sorting and patterns}, writing exercises, and more! The thing I love about these packs in particular is that I was able to go through each pack and divide them into three piles – Pile A for my 5  year old, Pile B for my 3 year old, and Pile C for both.

  • Pile A includes number mazes up to 20, precise cutting practice sheets, and advanced letter recognition.
  • Pile B includes numbers, sorting, matching, and letter recognition.
  • Pile C includes do-a-dots, coloring sheets, and patterns. {Our oldest minion can pull from Pile C as well after her school work is completed.}

Dividing these up allow me to conduct similar lessons for both smaller minions simultaneously as in the example below. firesafety1While my younger one works on the first page, my older minion works on the more advanced second page. Both are letter recognition, but clearly one is more difficult. There are several examples of these throughout the pages I will share with you. Another quick note: The above example is also a minion-favorite when I make a chalk maze in our driveway. They either hop from letter to letter {or number to number} or they ride their bikes along the path. Another thing that I like about the preschool packets is that there are many pages within each. I pick and choose what I want. Sometimes I print them in color, sometimes in black and white. It really just depends on the page. Here are the links for the sites I went to for the Explorer activities {some of these sites have a lot of links within, so please follow my notes to find the appropriate link on which to click}:

  • Bug Pack – good for kids aged 2-7! {scroll down and click “Download Bug Pack” and which parts}
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly {scroll down and click “Download Life Cycle of a Butterfly” and which parts}
  • Unit Study of Insects – must subscribe to have access to the printable pack. Don’t worry, it’s free! If you don’t feel like sharing your email, there is still a ton of information in the link for FREE! {Scroll down a little ways and any of the pictures under “Insect Printables”}
  • Spring Bug Coloring Sheets {scroll down and click the red link “FREE Spring Buggies Coloring Pages”


Here are just a few of the activities we have this week. For a more comprehensive list, please check out my Spring Pre-School Pinterest Page.

  • Coffee Filter Butterflies – really easy and simple clean up. All you need is a coffee filter, dot-a-dot markers or water colors, and a pipe cleaner or a clothes pin. Have the minions color the coffee filter and then pinch the top middle and bottom middle together and either wrap the pipe cleaner or snap the clothes pin. {Color and glue googly eyes to the clothes pin first for extra cuteness!}
    image1     image2
  • Flower Garden – After we made our butterflies, we talked about what they eat. Because butterflies liked to eat nectar, we decided to make them a flower garden using our dot-a-dots and pipe cleaners {since they were out already}.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – a minion favorite! These are so easy to customize for your own area. You can print them out, write them down, or have the kids draw pictures of the things you will be looking for. Preparing for the Scavenger Hunt can be a good activity in and of itself!
    image4     image5

Complementing Books

There are so many books about bugs and exploring! {Many by Eric Carle alone!} Check out your local library and stock up!

I hope this helps you in your lesson planning and that you enjoy teaching such a valuable lesson to your minions.

Have fun exploring!



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