Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we our minions are filled with LOVE!

I wanted to share with you some of the FREE lessons we are using this week along with some complementing activities to tie it all together.

Quick note: There are many useful lesson plans and such online that you can purchase, especially if you are a teacher. For us and the limited use they do receive in our home, I only use the free packs.

Each day, we  do a lesson {letters, numbers, or sorting}, an activity, songs, and stories. This fills our morning with themed fun 🙂

To help with the lessons, I have some key sites I use for learning packs. We love our learning packs. In these, you will find coloring sheets, math lessons {sorting and patterns}, writing exercises, and more! The thing I love about these packs in particular is that I was able to go through each pack and divide them into four piles – Pile A for my 4 1/2  year old, Pile B for my 3 year old, and Pile C for my 6 year old to do after school. Pile D for all.

Pile A includes number mazes up to 20, precise cutting practice sheets, and advanced letter recognition. Pile B includes numbers, sorting, matching, and letter recognition. Pile C includes addition, subtraction and writing exercises. Pile D includes do-a-dots, coloring sheets, and patterns. {Our oldest minion can pull from Piles C & D after her school work is completed.}

Dividing these up allow me to conduct similar lessons for both smaller minions simultaneously as in the example below.

firesafety1While my younger one works on the first page, my older minion works on the more advanced second page. Both are letter recognition, but clearly one is more difficult. There are several examples of these throughout the pages I will share with you.

Quick side note: The above example is also a minion-favorite that you can create a jumping maze with as well. Lay out hearts {or index cards} and watch them hop from letter to letter {or number to number}!

Another thing that I like about the preschool packets is that there are many pages within each. I pick and choose what I want. Sometimes I print them in color, sometimes in black and white. It really just depends on the page.

Lesson Packs:

Here is list of the sites I went to for our Valentine’s Day activities {some of these sites have a lot of links within, so please follow my notes to find the appropriate link on which to click}:

  • Printable Packs for ages 2-7 {Scroll halfway down the page under the heading “What Is In The Pack & Download Your Copy.” Under this, you will see various options for “Download Valentines Part 1” and on and on. Cassie offers six different downloads, so definitely go through the PDFs before printing 200 pages 🙂 }
  • Do-A-Dot Valentine’s Sheets {scroll down a little ways and click centered, big red words “Click here to download your copy of the Valentine’s Day Do-a-Dot Printables!”}
  • Valentine’s Sudoku for Kids {scroll down  and click the large, centered phrase “Click here to download your copy of the Valentine Sudoku Printable Puzzle!”


I have a Pinterest Board focused simply on Valentine’s Day Preschool Activities. Click here and be inspired. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Musical Hearts gets the kids up and moving! {Think Musical Chairs without the chairs.}
  • Spot the Hearts exercising their finding skills. {Does anyone else have a child who can’t seem to find anything?!?}
  • “LOVE” Painting creates a nice work of art you can frame and keep for years to come! {Super easy too!}
  • “I love you THIS much” cards. {These are GREAT for mailing to grandparents.}
  • Color Sorting, Valentine’s Day Style. Using kids tweezers {from Scatterpillar Scramble Game}, pom poms, and a vegetable tray, we have created a Valentine’s Day Color Sorting activity. This helps strengthen the hand muscles to prepare little ones for writing.


  • Valentine’s Boxes like what we did in school. Grab an empty tissue box, oatmeal container, brown paper bag and create a fun place to store little notes. {Tip! Use their Valentine’s Box as a Post Office Pretend Play center for the week as well! They can “write letters” and send them off in their box. Make sure you “send” them notes as well 🙂 }


Songs {Remember, simplicity is key for little ones remembering}:

Character Development

Jodi at Meaningful Mama inspired me to incorporate “Character Development” lessons to instill positive behavior in our kids lives. This week, of course, we are focused on LOVE. Click here to see everything she has to offer. Here are a few of the projects we are doing this week:

I hope this helps you with your Valentine’s Day Preschool Lessons!

Have fun and be loved this week!


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