Free Art Lessons for the Family

I have to give full credit for this post to my darling husband. Thank you, sweetie!!!

Each one of us has our own gifts. Whether or not we intend to, we share these gifts with our children simply by being who we are. Our gifts can include musical ability, cooking talents, story telling, and so much more.

I have a love for writing {can you tell?} and because of this, my children each have a journal that they enjoy “writing” in. A former colleague shared with me that one of her favorite memories was of me bringing in my eldest minion when she was about a year old and during a work meeting my daughter sat quietly “taking notes.” 🙂 {She knew what she was doing too!}

While each of us do have great talents, it is known then that most of us lack in other talents. For example, art.

I am not an artist. {Shh… don’t tell my kids! I think I have them fooled.} Sure, I can draw a flower or a house, but intricate butterflies and monsters? Hmm…

Luckily, I am working on it!

As stated above, I have to give full credit for this post to my darling husband. My good friend and I planned a PaintNite and the event got canceled that day due to artist injury {ouch!}. Seeing my disappointment, he sought out a plan to bring the PaintNite into our house. It was a huge success and now has created some fun pieces of art and great memories for our family.

In my husband’s search for an activity, he discovered At this site, the owner, Rob, teaches his children, Hats and Checkers, how to draw various things. He offers step-by-step directions {just like a PaintNite} as to how to draw things from flowers to Minecraft to Storm Troopers.

The site includes tutorials on drawing, painting, sculpting and a section specifically designed for children under 5.

My husband hooked his computer up to our TV, brought the dining room table into the living room, put a piece of paper and the required colored crayons at each space, and invited us in the room for a family art lesson.

It was a great family activity and one the children have asked for again! {We aren’t as elaborate as Daddy – Mama’s laptop at the table works just fine. 😉 }

Something I love about our family is that we try to not have obstacles keep us from having fun. We aren’t artists by any stretch of the imagination, but by tapping into Rob’s expertise, our minions don’t took too shabby!


Have a great day!


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