Kid-Appoved: Games to Play while Sick

Currently, all three minions are resting upstairs with fevers. Bleh!

The problem is, however, when the are not resting, they don’t seem to remember that they are sick. They want to play as usual – jumping around together, completing puzzles, playing with dolls, etc… All I see in these games, however, is GERMS! Mangy little fingers covered in germs now touching 100 puzzle pieces. Ugh!

I have disinfected all the rooms. I have laundered all the bed linens. I do not feel like cleaning all the toys on top of this. {Perhaps it is the fact that this mama is also fighting illness. Perhaps it is simply laziness. Who knows?} It simply doesn’t seem to matter what “healthy habits” we instill, sometimes we just get sick.

Light bulb moment! There must be games we can play that are “disposable”! In other words, games that we can play with and once completed, I can throw away – along with the germs.

Here is a list of games you can play that are disposable so that you can reduce the number of germs shared:

  • Shaving Cream Art – Simply put some shaving cream on a table in front of each child and let them play! {Bonus: this is a great sensory activity!}
  • Snow Play – fill a plastic container with snow from outside and use your imagination. Don’t have snow, make your own! We like to add food coloring to water and paint the snow with brushes or pipettes {you can also use water colors}. Or, bring in a couple of plastic toys for them to use. Yes, you will have to clean them, but three little plastic toys is much better than 50 Legos!
  • Water Table – Similar to the Snow Play, simply fill a plastic container with some water and a couple of plastic toys and let the kids go crazy. What kid can resist a water table?!?
  • Laser Beams – Hear me out! Using painter’s tape and yarn, you can set up any room to be covered in “lasers.” Just tell the kids that they can’t touch the lasers and they will have so much fun!
  • Spider Web Catch – Tape up some painter’s tape in a door frame, crumple up some paper balls, and throw!
  • DIY I Spy Bottle – I love this idea from Jamie at Toys in the Dryer. You fill a water bottle with small toys and rice {the kids can help make this when they are healthy, or you can make it when they are out of commission}, seal it shut and give to the kids to play with. You only have to disinfect the bottle! {One bottle per kid to avoid sharing germs.} To make this 100% disposable, use trinkets and paper shapes that can be thrown away.
  • Marshmallows & Toothpicks – My kids love this. Give each child some toothpicks and some marshmallows and either simply watch their imaginations at work or give them a challenge to “build a pyramid” or “make a robot” and see what they come up with. Once done, eat the marshmallow {within reason} and toss the toothpicks!
  • Cheerio Crafts – If you have string/pipe cleaners and Cheerios, you have a lacing activity! Not only does this help with developmental growth, it also provides a fun activity for little minions when sick. Create bird feeders; make a necklace; color sort, etc.  {Fruit flavored Cheerios umph! to these activities 🙂 }

In all of these, once the game is completed, you can throw out majority of the pieces! Limited cleaning to do = happy mama!

I do recommend disinfecting the rooms the little ones are in each day as well, but this should limit the number of toys you need to clean, then re-clean as your lovely little minions pass their sweet little germs from one to another.


Stay healthy!


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