The 11 Minutes Dreaded Each Day

There is one task that I find myself procrastinating from each day. I hate this task. It is obnoxious, incessant, tedious, and boring. It is… the dishes.

Nobody really enjoys cleaning the dishes. Anyone who says s/he does is lying or is a masochist. The only acceptable reason one should enjoy doing dishes is to avoid laundry {these are interchangeable chores to despise}.

I find myself finding new jobs to do each day just to avoid this task. {Today, I literally stripped the paint off my banister for a house upgrade project!}

  • Yes, I know that having a clean, organized home improves productivity.
  • Yes, I know that the faster you clean up the kitchen, the easier it is to clean {no dried food on plates}.
  • Yes, I know that keeping a house tidy instills good habits in children.

I know all these things and that is why I do clean the kitchen three times every day {after each meal}. Some days, however, I simply do not care about all these and I just want to whine and cry while putting away yet another spoon.  Some days, I literally count the minutes and plan a blog post as I am putting another plate in the dishwasher {hence today’s post}.

The thing that is so daunting about these 11 minutes is I know that within six hours, I’m going to be doing it all over again.

A former co-worker had daily tasks she referred to as the “dirty dishes.” They were the annoying little tasks that were never-ending and accomplished little, but rather simply needed to be dealt with as part of her daily duties. If she didn’t, they would pile up and eventually cause an issue. I understand her saying much more now after having three small children.

Now, to counter the negativity I have regarding this horrid period in my daily life, let me leave you with a couple of ideas as to how you can get through these 11 minutes with a little less pain.

  • Set a timer. It is amazing how much you can get done when you have a time limit!
  • Create a reward. I am not allowed to sit and blog with my afternoon snack until I have my kitchen cleaned.
  • Turn on some tunes! I have a lot more fun when I am cleaning AND dancing around being silly, even if I am doing dishes at the time 🙂

Now, these won’t help all the time, but they simply will liven up the day and take away some of the pain of those dreaded 11 minutes.

Have a great day!


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