Ridiculously Easy & Creative Activity for Kids’ Imaginative Growth

Have you ever had a day when you’ve just been so tired that you really can’t even think of an activity for your kids to do? And not only that, but you don’t care about coming up with an activity for your kids to do because you are so tired. You simply need something that can occupy them for a little time but you don’t want to turn on the TV. I have an idea for you!

A few months ago I read an article about growing kids’ creativity with simple exercises. In this article {I wish I saved the link; if I find it, I will update!}, the author suggests parents simply take a piece of paper and draw a few circles on it. With a little guidance and ideas, you can see your child’s imagination grow before your eyes.

I took three pieces of paper – one for me and two for my children – and I drew three circles on each sheet of paper {I am in no way an artist – just look below}. I then started to ask them questions like “What do you see with the circles?” and “What can you make out of these?” Then, I started brainstorming out loud and drawing.


The kids started to try to guess what I was drawing and they came up with some pretty cute ideas. I would encourage each of those ideas by saying things like “Yes, you can make that out of a circle” and “Wow, that’s a creative idea!” But all the while I would not tell them what I was drawing until I was done.

I was purposely trying to stay quiet so that their imaginations got to work. The minions had some great ideas in trying to guess what I was drawing, so I suggested they try to draw their guesses.

They did a really good job! My minions right now are 3 and 4 1/2, so while they are not Picasso-status, they knew what they were drawing and they were explaining it to me very well.

IMG_1992  IMG_2009

This activity kept them busy for over an hour and I would’ve let them continue but it was resting time. They kept asking for more paper and it got to a point that I didn’t even draw with the circles on it anymore, they did it all on their own.

My three-year-old actually came up with a full story in regard to one of his drawings about the good fish versus the bad fish and the traps that were set that only the bad fish could get caught in. It was riveting I have to admit.


We have done this a couple times over the past several months and each time it gets better and better! Their imaginations are growing and as they get older their stories develop more. It went from simply making smiley faces and robots to full on royal families.


I highly encourage you to try this activity with your kids. It is very simple and will amaze you!

Have fun!


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