Snow Day Battle Plan

Two years in a row… The first week back from Winter Break and the kids get more than a day off school within a week for bitter cold weather and snow. I do not to look at this as an annoyance, but rather as an opportunity.

This is a time that my kids are going to remember and I have the choice to make.

  1. My kids can be happy to be out of school for a day, -OR-
  2. My kids can be excited to see what crazy things mom has come up with on our snow day.

I think I will take door number 2…

There are so many wonderful ideas of various things you can do to make the most out of a calamity day. But first thing’s first: You have to get in the mind-set. Get excited about surprising your kids with various silliness throughout the day!

Here are some fun little ideas to help inspire you to make the some fun memories out of this cold opportunity.

  • Kick off the day by making snowman pancakes. {Trust me, you need no culinary skill to do this! Just take three small circles and add m&m’s :)}
  • Have fun with shaving cream. Just spray some on the table and let the kids go crazy! Put some cars or plastic toys in and enjoy the moment. It is surprisingly easy clean up AND it cleans your table as well!
  • Plan a family project. No, I’m not saying re-do a room {though that’s not a bad idea}, but pull out a huge puzzle or Lego castle and work on it together. This takes time and allows for family bonding.
  • Turn your kitchen into a Science Lab. Our oldest minion literally asked for “potions” for Christmas {translation: science stuff} and so we have books with experiments in addition to a few chemistry kits. If you have these around your house, take this opportunity to pull them out and explore! And if you don’t, baking soda + vinegar is still a fan favorite 🙂
  • Dance it up! You’re going to have to exert some energy if you have little ones or they will get stir-crazy. Pull up YouTube or get some old CDs and have a dance party!
  • The 2 P’s – Painting and Play-Doh. These two gems offer great imaginative play. You can mix it up by giving a directive {Build a Winter Wonderland} and giving free play.
  • Build, build, build! Pillow forts are a favorite here and the kids are starting to expand to beds, couches, desks, etc… Give a kid a few blankets and watch a magical world form before your eyes {though they might have to tell you the details}.
  • Have Family Movie Time. Pull out the sleeping bags, bring in every pillow, pop some popcorn and snuggle while watching a movie as a family. {Bonus points if you watch it from the fort you built earlier.}
  • Make a Hot Chocolate Bar. This is super easy and the kids will love it! Just make some cocoa and place various additives on a tray in little bowls. Candy canes, chocolate chips, and marshmallows are simple, yet loved!
    • topping ideas:
      vanilla & cream marshmallows
      mini marshmallows
      peppermint marshmallows
      gingerbread marshmallows
      pumpkin spice marshmallows
      regular Hershey Kisses
      candy cane Hershey Kisses
      mint truffle Hershey Kisses
      whip topping
      chocolate syrup
      CoffeeMate Creamers
      Andes Mints, crushed
      Heath Bar, crushed
    • stirrers:
      candy canes
      pirouette sticks

So, there you have it. I hope this offers you a little more ammo as you combat these Winter snow days.

ad-snowdayStay warm!


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