7 Reasons to Meal Plan

Of all the ways I have discovered to be frugal with our family’s budget, meal planning {or menu planning} tops the list!

We’ve all had those days. Long days at work or running all over God’s green Earth only to be heading home at dinner time with nothing planned. Of course, the kids are hungry… you are hungry! And when people are hungry and blood sugar is low, the HANGER begins! Suddenly, the kids are whining and all you are trying to do is figure out what to feed them! It’s a frustrating experience, to say the least.

You either 1. stop at the store and buy whatever you see that sounds good, or, 2. go out to eat. Neither of these are budget-friendly options.

By meal planning, you can avoid the hanger pains!

Why Meal Plan?

  1. Saves Time
    Meal planning truly saves a lot of time. By creating your menu for the week, this naturally provides you with a grocery list. {Check your pantry and freezer first 🙂 } If you take the developed list – and stick to this list – your shopping time can be cut in half. Plus, when you get home from work, you save those 20 minutes of figuring out what is for dinner that night. {Tip: We take leftovers for lunch, so each dinner that is planned serves two meal purposes. Jackpot!}
  2. Saves Money
    I develop my weekly meal plan by looking at the store ads and by utilizing the food that I already have. If chicken is on sale for $1.79… guess what we are having this week?!? {Tip: if you see a great meat price, stock up and freeze for later weeks when meat is not well priced.} The same goes for fruits and vegetables. If these are on sale, these are the fruits and veggies we are eating.
  3. Eat Healthier
    Meal planning truly allows you to be intentional about feeding your family healthy foods. By ensuring that you have the right foods in your house when dinner time comes around, you are ensuring that your family is eating them.
  4. Waste Less
    Monday’s grilled chicken becomes Thursday’s chicken stir-fry! I love developing multiple meals from one main course. Beef and chicken lend themselves to be re-purposed easily and the second meal typically is a time-saving meal since you don’t have to cook the meat! {Tip: If you make a whole turkey, you can easily get six meals out of it!}
  5. Involves Family
    Include the kids on the meal planning. When you sit down to plan your menu, ask the kids what meals they like. Ours are 6, 4 & 2 so they will typically ask for calzones {another easy re-use for chicken!} or hamburgers 🙂 But sometimes they throw out some meals such as Chicken Parmesan. Listen to what they want. They will enjoy the time and learn the value of this planning as well.
  6. Invites New Meals
    Open your recipe books. Go to Pinterest. Google a recipe. When you don’t HAVE to come up with a meal, it is actually quite fun 🙂 I made a resolution a couple of years ago to make one new meal a month. Simple. To the point. And my husband loved it! Plus, it didn’t overwhelm me. Start small and work your way up to recipes you never thought you could make. {Not to brag, but my sweet & sour chicken is pretty darn good!}
  7. Reduces Stress
    Just knowing what is for breakfast/lunch/dinner seriously diminished our family’s stress immensely. Use that extra time to be together as a family.

Try it out. See for yourself what it can do for you.


Have a great day!


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