Tips BEFORE Shopping at Aldi

I love Aldi. {Read about my love here.} But my first couple of trips were… well… embarrassing humbling.

Had I known the tips and tricks of the store from the get-go, I would have been much better prepared and much less embarrassed by my own actions. Hopefully you can learn from {and chuckle at} my experiences. 🙂

Pay-per-use shopping carts: $.25

The first time I went to Aldi, I had my three minions with me. A very nice woman saw us getting out of the van and brought her cart over for our use. She lingered, as many do, and smiled at my little ones. I made quick small talk and then went into the store, thinking, wow! She must have really liked my minions. It wasn’t until we were leaving and I offered a man the same cart and he insisted I take the quarter it cost me to use the cart. I didn’t quite understand this for a couple of minutes until I got into my van to leave. My 1st Aldi FAIL!

Cash or Debit ONLY As of 2/28/2016, Aldi now accepts credit cards!

While Aldi now does accept credit cards, I still highly recommend using cash or debit in order to not grow your debt.

When I started shopping at Aldi, we were dabbling in Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System so I had some cash on me, but nothing like I do today with our grocery budget. I still remember it. I had $11 in cash.

We went through the store and got our groceries. The total: $23. No problem, I had my credit card. This wonderful backup in case I am low on funds! But alas, it is not a debit card. Umm… OK. Let’s see what we can do. I pulled my cart over and started removing items.

A side note as this is one of the most humbling moments in my life. While going through my wallet to see what I had and then going through my groceries to pull out the wants vs. the needs, not one, but TWO separate women stopped to give me money. They saw that I had children and insisted that I needed the money. I thanked them both so much and told them each that I simply was ignorant. I also was certain to tell them I was so impressed by their kindness and that if I was in a position where I needed their help, I would have truly been blessed by them. They offered to help me no questions asked. Their act of generosity had a major impact on my life and this is the kindness I see often at the Aldi I shop. No judgement. No questions. Just people helping people.

Long story short, I removed some items and left with what we needed at that time. My 2nd Aldi Fail! And I always go prepared with cash in hand now 🙂

BYOB {Bring/Buy Your Own Bags}

Aldi keeps costs low by not bagging items. You have the option to bring your own bags/boxes/totes from home or buying some of the Aldi bags on-site. I was intrigued by this. It was not a hindrance in any way, but something I wish I had known before going my first time.

And there you have it. Some quick tips to prepare you as you venture out to Aldi!


Good luck and God speed, my friend!


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