5 Reasons to Try Aldi

I do 90% of my shopping at Aldi. {Read these tips before shopping at Aldi.} Throughout the years, I have used various means to save the most when grocery shopping. With five of us here now, we go through a lot of food!

One of my all-time favorite books, Miserly Mom, gives a HUGE tip in money saving – meal planning. We have saved so much money simply by knowing what we are going to have before dinner time. This also reduces stress and last-minute shopping for that missing ingredient. Joni also suggests planning around the grocery ads sent weekly. {Bonus tip: the front and back of the circulars are the actual “deals.” The rest is typically simply showcasing what the stores offer, but no true deals.}

By using this approach to planning our menu each week, I have discovered that 9 times out of 10, Aldi’s prices are simply better. They truly live up to their slogan. Aldi: Simply better shopping.

There is an art to how Aldi works and it allows them to offer the maximum savings. Here are the things I appreciate about Aldi:

  • Multi-tasking staff. They each know how to do every aspect of the job. This helps Aldi keep overhead costs low as they do not need to train multiple people in specific tasks, but rather if one needs to call off, another can jump in.
  • Pay-per-use shopping carts. Their $.25 deposit for the shopping carts ensures that people WILL return their carts to the cart depot. Again, this reduces the overhead as they don’t need to pay someone to go out into the parking lot to collect carts.
  • Limited selection. I actually highly appreciate that if I want original hummus, I get one option. I then don’t have to price compare or get into debates with the children about which brand to purchase {not that my little minions would ever have such strong opinions…}. This continues the trend of in-and-out, hassle-free shopping. Plus, so far, we like mostly every item we have tried.
  • Cash & Debit only. As of 2/28/2016, Aldi now accepts credit cards! While Aldi now accepts CCs, I do still recommend using cash or debit so you do not grow debt. We started Dave Ramsey’s envelope system awhile ago and Aldi truly helps us stick to this. I don’t do debit, but rather cash only. {I actually have a very embarrassing/humbling story as to HOW my first Aldi experience went, and you can read that here.} When I don’t have cash in my wallet, I literally can NOT go shopping. You’d be surprised as to how this helps you get creative with what you have. Not only that, it helps me evaluate how I am using my grocery money and see if adjustments need to be made. {And, to be honest, sometimes I just like to see how long I can go between shopping trips :)}
  • No bags. While I can see this as an inconvenience to some, they offer bags for purchase {as low as $.06/paper bag} and/or you can bring your own to transport. This keeps their staff focused on moving people through the line. And, if you are like me, I prefer to bag my items as I like to place like items together for ease of putting things away when I get home. {I swear I’m normal.}
  • Easy returns. It has only happened once for us, but we purchased strawberries that went bad literally the next day. We stopped in to see if we could exchange and it could not have been simpler. The staff is so kind and understanding and directed us to where we could pick up new strawberries. I was impressed.

There are some items that I will still purchase elsewhere either based on the deals that week or personal preference. However, I am very impressed with my Aldi. I do know too that not all Aldi’s are the same. My first experience with an Aldi years ago in another part of town was completely opposite of this article. My hope is that you will give Aldi a try and see for yourself. With any luck, you will find an easy way to save some money.


Have a great day!


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