Housefly Home Remedy

For some reason, it seems that one time each summer, all the houseflies in the world decide that our house is to be their home for the month. It is really annoying.

They have a fondness of the bushes just outside our back door. This is always a great joy as I retreat to my back yard to play with the kids and a swarm {I am not exaggerating on this} of houseflies exit the bush from the startling sound of the door opening. {It make me squirmy just to think of it… Ugh!}

In my research as to how to eliminate these pests, I came across one that worked within minutes and has lasted two weeks so far! Because it has proved worthy effective, I wanted to share 🙂

So what is this magical remedy that deters houseflies from houses? Even from outside of houses?!?


That’s it! I sprinkled ground cloves all over my bushes outside and every single housefly was gone after about 15 minutes. Apparently, the little pests hate the smell of cloves!  It has rained since, and I have still not seen one housefly! My original thought was that the cloves would wash away after the rain, but apparently the scent has lingered.

So, there’s my quick tip for today 🙂

What has worked for you? Comment below as I am ALWAYS looking for new info 🙂


Good luck my friends!


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