Mr. Clean Magic Eraser -vs- Melamine Foam

Editor’s Note: Since the experiment, we continue to use the Melamine Foam for most cleaning projects. We do, however, use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for difficult cleaning as it is more durable. The Melamine Foam tends to fall apart easily, but for the day-to-day jobs, they do a great job and we simply throw away the foam once the job is complete!

I have a love for Mr. Clean! He understands my cleaning needs and does everything he can to help me with them. His Magic Eraser truly is spectacular. Fingerprints – GONE! Crayon marks – ZAPPED! Batman logo – KER POW! {OK, maybe not that last one…}

However, things changed last month when I saw a random article about something called “Melamine Foam.” Could it be? Is my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser not the only option for my minion cleaning needs? I had to find out.

I went to Amazon that night and ordered a package of 50 Melamine Foams for less than $3 {free shipping}. I received them yesterday and put together a head-to-head battle.

Mr. Clean -vs- Melamine.

melamine             -vs- mr-clean

First, I needed a good testing space, so I put the minions to work. They were eager to help 🙂

  2 3 1

They did their damage 🙂

Next, I taped right down the middle so we could SEE the difference. Melamine on the left, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the right. {Notice the difference in size – I did not have an “original” Magic Eraser on hand as I just stocked up at Sam’s Club. Rest assured, this version of the Magic Eraser is simply two held together with a thin blue sponge material.}

6  4

Let the cleaning begin!

{Sorry, no pictures – noted for next time.}

And it’s a TIE!

8  7

My wallet was very happy to see that the Melamine Foam worked EXACTLY as well as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!

The advantage of the Magic Eraser over the generic Melamine Foam is simply the size. You may get a couple additional uses out of the Magic Eraser, but the cost really doesn’t justify the difference in this Fun & Frugal Mama’s opinion.

Cost Breakdown {from}

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: $3.47 for 4-pack {$.87/each}

Generic Melamine Foam: $6.69 for 100-pack {$.07/each}

If this interests you, simply go to and input “Melamine Foam” in the search bar. There will be plenty options from which to choose – most with free shipping.

It did take two weeks for me to receive my order, but I got 50! I should be set for awhile 🙂

Oh, and for those wondering {I know who you are!} the minions cleaned the leftover crayon marks off the table where the taped line was with the foam 🙂


Have a great day!!!


3 thoughts on “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser -vs- Melamine Foam

    • You are correct! Mr. Clean is made with melamine foam. They do an excellent job! When I learned this, I wanted to see who, if anyone, had a competing product. I was happy to find out that there are! However, I will say that for tough jobs, I still find the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to be more durable. So, I keep both on hand 🙂


  1. I own a professional Cleaning Company. These are a essential part of the cleaning equipment in the tray. I use them on almost everything. This has set us aside from other cleaning companies With no doubt. I have tried to be cost effective by purchasing the generic brands to be highly disappointed. The genarics crumble, you have to scrub harder to get the marks and grime off. The Mr. Clean erasers are more durable and clean more efficiently with ease. In the end more cost affective saving time and product.
    I had a friend find the Mr. Clean erasers for me in bulk on eBay. All though I am still looking for a continuous supplier for a reasonable cost. Last order ran. .50 cents each. Any suppliers out there?
    Erasers can be used on tile, plastics, metal, paint,
    Not real good on wood.
    I am a strong advocate for the other Mr. Clean products. They smell fresh and clean well I have tried other brands but Mr. Clean gets my money and vote.
    Happy Cleaning!
    Macrae Cleaning


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