Park Programs {Fun, Educational, & FREE}

Today is a big day – It’s REGISTRATION DAY for the park programs!

Why am I so happy, you might ask?

Well, if you know me, you know I love utilizing the parks programs for educating my minions. There is such an amazing network in central Ohio that offers fun education designed for preschoolers. On this day, I am able to plan the next two months. This helps create our home-preschool curriculum as well as our schedule.

I pull up our family calendar {we use} and while I am registering the minions, I add the dates and programs to our calendar. This helps ensure that we are available and that we don’t double-book, though the parks are VERY GOOD about their scheduling throughout the month.

There is a great site that allows you to register for all the parks at one time. Simply go to and input your criteria. {Side note: they indicate that they will “charge credit card” – Rest assured! All the programs are FREE! You don’t even input any cc info.}

The Metro Parks also offer fun badges for the kids after they attend five programs, so there is a little reward for learning that my minions enjoy. {Our littlest minion loves to talk about his turtle patch 🙂 }

Good luck in your park planning!


Have a great day!


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