Park Review – Scioto Audubon

Exploring a new park today with our good friends – Scioto Audubon down at Whittier and Front St down in the Brewery District.

A very nice park for an older crowd. It has a free climbing rock wall – the largest in the nation according to the metro park site – along with volleyball courts and many walking/running/bike paths.

I would not recommend this park too much for small kids just yet. While it does have a small outdoor space, it is a tad advanced as it is made w a lot of ropes and high-risk climbing equipment – though admittedly really cool for older kids! They have a cute indoor park and library, but nothing currently outdoors for a wee little ones. I talked w an administrator and he said they are currently raising 100K (they are halfway there) to build an extensive kids’ outdoor play area hopefully in the spring.

All in all, a nice retreat connected to the big city.


Have a great day!


One thought on “Park Review – Scioto Audubon

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