Library Awards & Rankings

Is it just me, or are libraries so much more than just books? We like to tour the library system here in Columbus and {while we definitely have our favorites} there are unique aspects to each which really help in teaching little ones.

More often than not, the kids’ area at the libraries offer puzzles, schooling tools, and magnets to truly engage children in the learning process. Now, yes, story time is still a biggie, but WOW! have story times changed from my youth! Guitars, puppets, music… This is not what I grew up with! {And to be honest, it helps this mama by opening my eyes to new ways of teaching!}

My minions absolutely love the library and are truly saddened on the rare times we are simply dropping off books and not going inside. I like love this! Of course, I have a degree in Journalism and my husband has a degree in English, so we clearly like to read…

Each minion has his/her own library card and they all help in selecting books and checking them out. {I will never forget the first time the littlest minion picked out his books. He was a year and a half and naturally gravitated to Wolverine. Really? Mama needs to read about a mutant named after the team up north?!? Oh, the things we do for our kids.}

From my library tours, I wanted to share some findings and offer my opinion.

Best Story Time

Hands down, New Albany. Mr. Dave keeps control of the kids in a very fun way while educating them.

Best Education

Westerville Library. I am a fan of their STEAM {Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Music} story times and we have participated in the programs three different times. They are always creative and educational. They also have signs & stories, gardening story times, move with music… so much!

Best Kids Area

Karl Road underwent a transformation last year and I am incredibly impressed with the results of their kid space. They must have received a grant from Lakeshore as they have so many teaching tools available at your fingertips.

The following receive honorable mention as I do like their kid spaces, but find the two above to be the absolute best:

  • Gahanna,
  • Westerville,
  • Whetstone.

Best indoor/outdoor combinations

Whetstone Library is located at the Park of Roses! There is a play area just outside {though a little dated – the minions don’t mind} and the park down the path. Beauty abounds and the kids have a lot of fun!

Honorable mentions:

  • Westerville Library. There is a very nice, contained play park just behind the library that allows for a quick multi-purpose trip to the library.
  • Main Library. The Topiary Garden is located just behind the Main Library and offers a quiet walk with simple beauty. No play park, but lots of questions about how they cut the trees into people. 🙂

I encourage you to check out your library system’s web site and look into their events. You may be surprised! We have gone to Jim Gill concerts, Fairy Tea Parties, Pinkalicious Parties, Dinosaur Digs, etc… all for free through our libraries.  For those in the Columbus area, simply click here and find a fun event for you and your minions!


Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Library Awards & Rankings

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