Simplest Tip to Extend the Life of Food

Cut it. That’s it. The smaller, the better!

It really can be that easy. Eating {at least in our house} is a lot about quantity. The more bites you make or the more food you pick up, the “more” you are eating.

I can cut one apple into small “fries” and feed all three of my children a nice snack. OR I could give each of them half and apple and they will consume double that. They are satisfied with both options and I am able to create another snack out of the remains using the first option.

Another example is with chicken. We stock up on chicken when it is below $1.99 at any store. {Rarely, Aldi will have $1.59 deals – we majorly stock up on these deals and our deep freezer is very well fed.} From one package, we can easily get 3-5 meals depending on how we plan to use them. Stirfry=small chicken portions. Orange chicken=large portion.

We always ensure that our children have well-balanced meals and so we are not cutting any nutrition out of their daily diet. We are simply practicing portion control while they are young to A) Teach them healthy habits and B) Get the most out of what we buy.

I hope this helps you get the most out of your food!


Have a great day!


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