Planning Power

Fun & Frugal Mama

In my former “working mom” life, I worked as the Event Coordinator for a wonderful organization.  This job required much planning and the skills I learned over the years have migrated quite nicely to my now “stay-at-home mom” life.

My mode of operating is not unique, but it is powerful for me to ensure sanity.  A little planning truly goes a LONG way.

  • Menu Planning – I know what I am going to have for the week.  Some plan for the month, but I have found I work best planning week-to-week.  {I’m a huge fan of the Organizher® Write ‘n Wipe- Meal Center.}
    • Miserly Mom by Jonni McCoy is a great inspirational book for me and countless others.  She offers fantastic tips on cutting costs while maintaining quality as well as useful recipes that help keep a menu variety while staying frugal.
  • Activity Planning – I do this monthly…

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