Best Price for Diapers

I did a lot of price checking over the years for diapers. {Three minions = many diapers.}

After online reviews and my own studies – down to the price per diaper – I have found that using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option provides the best price for name-brand diapers for our needs.

We’ve tried Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and off-brand diapers throughout the years. In our house, we love Luvs 🙂 We went to various department stores, specialty baby stores {never buy diapers here}, and online stores. We purchase the largest box in order to maximize savings {this is true on any diaper [non-sale] at any store}. For us, it is the 186 count of size 3 diapers, making the cost $.17/diaper. {All my kids – fingers crossed – were potty trained at size 3, so that is the size I am showing.}

Subscribe & Save is easy: Simply go to and click on “Your Account” then click “Your Subscribe & Save Items.”


You can also locate what you are looking for, then click the subscribe option on the right.


Another WONDERFUL PERK of utilizing the Subscribe & Save option in Amazon??? I scheduled the diapers to come each month and the wipes {Pampers Sensitive, 864 count or $.02/wipe} to come every six months. I NEVER had to go out and buy diapers. They were delivered to my doorstep each month. We kept a little stock supply in the nursery closet and this system has worked for us for well over five years.

Now, I do admit, I am not a couponer.  I find that simply by shopping strategically and buying off-brand on most saves me the most money. So, yes, for those who search and search and only shop during certain sales, you may find a better price.  And, yes, you can buy off-brand and get a better deal.  For us, though. We chose to buy Luvs and this was the best deal.

I hope this gives you another cost-effective option when looking for additional savings.

Have a great day!


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