Jump Start Your Mornings

Bed is nice, isn’t it?  Especially in the mornings when the windows are open and there is a chill in the air. The bed is so comfortable with the blankets wrapped around…  But alas, we cannot stay in bed all day. The minions would not allow it! {Truth be told, they probably wouldn’t mind it for awhile, but it would not be as comfortable for this mama with little minion arms flying about.}

I am really bad about staying up late. It’s the one thing I have not been able to embrace even though I KNOW it is the best option for me and my health. But, there is just so much to do! Because of this, there are a few tricks that I have learned that really help get me moving in the mornings.

  • Get up when the alarm goes off.  Much easier said than done at times, but the faster you get up, the faster you get moving! My dad always said that there is a difference between being “awake” and being “up.”  This is so true!  In the fantastic book that every person alive should read now if they have not yet already, Eat Move Sleep, it suggests setting your alarm to the latest possible time so that you cannot “snooze.”  The truth of the matter is that by snoozing, you are actually hurting your sleep as you are not getting the most effective sleep possible.  Rather than setting your clock early so you can catch those extra minutes of disrupted sleep, set your alarm later so you obtain the maximum amount of deep sleep.
  • Move!  Exercise is a great way to wake yourself up in the mornings.  My husband heads to the gym before work most days.  It is proven to keep you sharp throughout the day, to maintain energy for several hours, and to help your creativity. There are amazing 4 minute Tabata workouts that get your blood pumping to really wake you up if you are more like me and prefer to workout later.  I can do 4 minutes! 🙂
  • Dress to the toes. I read this a long time ago and thought, OK… Then, I did it.  When I worked from home years ago, I realized that the days that I would stay in my jammies, I would not be as productive.  So every day, I made certain to change my clothes when getting out of bed.  When I read about getting “dressed to the toes” I was curious to see if it was the same concept.  It really added some oomph to my day!  I was very impressed that simply putting on shoes would have such an impact on me getting moving.  There is something about being completely ready for anything that encourages you to be more productive.  Now, every day, I am dressed to the toes before leaving my bedroom. {This may change if we move to a house with new carpets as we shall be “shoe free” in the house, but until then, shoes for all!!!}
  • Make your bed. If you do this already, awesome! If you were like me and did not until the past few years, you will be in awe as to how this little gesture increases your organization and productivity.
  • Eat breakfast – even if it is small.  Start your mornings with a combination carb + protein breakfast for quick and sustained energy.  Apple + Peanut Butter; Egg Sandwich {homemade}; Oatmeal + Fruit; etc…  The carbs give you the quick energy that your body so badly needs and the protein keeps feeding your body that energy for hours.

Tip! To keep your blood sugar steady and your energy up throughout the day, try eating small meals/snacks every three hours.  Breakfast + Small AM Snack + Lunch + Small PM Snack + Dinner.

  • Take your vitamins.  Your body needs essential vitamins to work properly.  Be certain you are getting these daily to work at peak performance.  Also, make sure to drink your water throughout the day too!
  • When all else fails, take a drink. I don’t drink coffee in the mornings much at all anymore, but I do have a daily Spark.  {If you don’t know what this magical drink is, please ask.}  This one drink gives me the focus and energy I need for several hours.  I find it simply makes me more patient with my kids.  I don’t get the same effect from coffee, so I hold that off for afternoons if needed.

So, there you have it!  Now, time to put this into practice and get moving!


Have a great day!


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