Favorite Money-Saving Sites

I’m frugal.  Did you catch that?  I like to save money, and I do so in order to accomplish a few things.

Being frugal:

  • Allows our family to live off one income;
  • Teaches my minions how to be smart with their money;
  • Demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of money to have a fun time; and
  • Sacrifices a little now to have a lot later.

To be fair, we may be teaching our children a little too drastically.  This weekend, our eldest minion was so happy to show us that she earned and saved 60 hole punches in her name tag at Sunday School.  They are able to “purchase” items in a little market they have.  She has been saving for weeks!  The highest priced item is 20 punches, so she has well over the amount she would need to purchase anything.  She still is reluctant to spend the punches… just in case.  Oh my! 🙂

Anyway, some sites that I have found to be amazingly helpful in our money-saving journey are listed below.

  • Money Saving Mom – hands down, the most awesome site I have found!  Chrystal is constantly posting deals and her site has a coupon database {any and all you would want. Eek!} as well as practical saving suggestions she has found over the years.
  • Dave Ramsey – Whether you are starting your saving journey or are looking for a way to maximize your IRA, this site offers guidance.  {We love his envelope system and have used it for well over a year now!}
  • Miserly Moms – Admittedly, I love this book so much more than the site!  I have read it multiple times, and it is listed in my Life-Changing Books post.  The site offers frugality tips and recipes.  The thing I love about Joni is that she reminds me of myself.  She took bring frugal on as a challenge, and she WON!
  • Passionate Penny Pincher – Coupons and deals galore!  You should never buy anything online without a coupon code, and with this site, you won’t have to.  Nor will you need to seek out all the store deals.  Laurie has compiled everything in one nice, neat package 🙂

These are my favorite resources.  I hope you find them as valuable as I have!  I’d also love to hear what your favorites are!  Please list them in the comments below.


Have a great day!


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