Favorite Packing Hack

We just got back from a fantastic family vacation to Vermont – 10 days with our East Coast family.  10 days… did you catch that?  We drove.

We actually drive 10 hours or more quite often and have done so since our oldest minion was born.  My dear, sweet, amazingly awesome {did I get enough positive adjectives in there} stayed in Ohio after graduating from The Ohio State University {Go Bucks!} for me.  I truly am very lucky, but it does mean that we are driving to Long Island often.  So, we have pretty much perfected the road-trip with minions, but I am always looking for ways to improve.

In this last trip, I incorporated a new trick I read about somewhere {I really wish I could remember so I could give them credit as I am so very thankful!}.

The storage container!

So simple.  So easy.  So perfect for packing!

With this one little container, we were able to pack all three minions clothing for the entire trip.  12 outfits each, plus pajamas and swimsuits!  We used another for our food as we shared a condo with other family members {a GREAT way to keep costs down and share cooking responsibilities!}.  A third was used for all our shoes – hiking, water, sandals and tennis shoes {or sneakers if you are from NY 🙂 }

All these containers stored so easily in the trunk of our minivan and allowed for much more to be packed.  Once in VT, we unpacked the kids clothes into a dresser and used the empty storage container as a laundry basket.  When we returned home, I took the container to our laundry room, sorted, and washed.  It was awesome.

This trick truly saved much more time and space than I really could have imagined.  In addition to that, by implementing another tip of rolling all the kids outfits together (shorts, shirt, underwear and socks), it decreased the unpacking time immensely.  I had us all unpacked and set in our space in less than half the time, giving us much more valuable family time.

I hope this little trick saves you some time and energy on your next road trip.

Happy packing!


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