Planning Power

In my “working mom” life, I previously worked as the Event Coordinator and currently, I am a Social Media Manager. Both jobs require much planning and the skills I learned over the years have migrated quite nicely to my “work-at-home mom” life.

My mode of operating is not unique, but it is powerful for me to ensure sanity.  A little planning truly goes a LONG way, and allows us to save money in the process.

  • Menu Planning – I know what I am going to have for the week.  Some plan for the month, but I have found I work best planning week-to-week.  {I’m a huge fan of the Organizher® Write ‘n Wipe- Meal Center.}
    • Miserly Mom by Jonni McCoy is a great inspirational book for me and countless others.  She offers fantastic tips on cutting costs while maintaining quality as well as useful recipes that help keep a menu variety while staying frugal.
  • Activity Planning – I do this monthly as our Metro Parks and Libraries allow you to register this often.  I take opening day and register {for free} for our activities for the month.  This fills our calendar quite quickly!
  • Lesson Planning – At the end of the month, I prepare for the next.  I like to set a theme a week and this theme guides the activities.  From here, it’s off to Pinterest and/or a very valuable book I have borrowed from our library no fewer than five times since last year: The Complete Daily Curriculum for Early Childhood by Pam Schiller.
  • Cleaning Schedule – While I do vary from my cleaning schedule at times, I have a few things that I must do on set days.  This mentally helps me KNOW that while my house may get messy at times, it is always clean.  {e.g. Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned on Thursdays; floors are mopped on Tuesdays; carpets are vacuumed on Mondays; etc.}  There are so many different cleaning schedules and apps that you can find on Pinterest or your Smartphone.  Every person is different.  My schedule is a hodgepodge of various ones I have tried over the years and what works best for our busy schedule.

I recommend implementing planning into your evenings, if only for the next day.  You may be surprised as to how much stress it alleviates and how much money it saves!

Happy Planning!


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