3 Ways Laziness Improves Your Health

You read that correctly.  Laziness, when used appropriately, can help you lose weight and have more energy!  How?  You ask…

Cooking Lazily

  • It takes a lot of effort to cook heavy meals.  You can save on calories and time by simply throwing some veggies and chicken on a grill.  This requires fewer ingredients and much less clean-up.  Save even more time by throwing the grilled chicken on a salad with some strawberries.  Here, the only thing you are cooking is the chicken!  For this to be effective, though, watch the dressing!  Covering your salad with a thick, creamy dressing nullifies the healthiness of the “salad.”

Eating Lazily

  • Fill your plate and then go sit down.  Odds are, you won’t get up for a second helping.  Studies show that people eat more when the food is in front of them.  Keep the food over on the counter and take the plate to the table. This helps control your portions and you intake fewer calories.  For even more impact, use a salad plate!  This is all the food you really need to have on your dinner plate to fulfill the caloric need in a meal but we have been conditioned to eat more.  We eat what we see.  See less food at your meal, see more results in your health.

Sleeping Lazily

  • Those who get at least 8 hours of sleep a night have more energy and greater focus in their days.  Study after study shows that sleep is imperative to good health.  Now, we just need to implement this!  If you find that you have have a lot on your mind at 10:30 p.m., write these items down on a piece of paper so you can get started on them tomorrow with a clear head and strong focus and go to sleep.  Your mind will be at ease as you have taken the step to write the task down and you have an excuse to head to bed.

If you implement these three tips into your daily life, you will have more energy and fewer pounds to lose.  Eat happy, stay healthy!

Have a great day!

These tips are pulled from Getting Things Done and Eat Move Sleep.


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