Family Activity Picker

We have three small children and at times, there can be some… let’s call it tense moments while playing.

As an example, Minion 2 loves to play “Mommy” and will do so for hours on end with anyone and everyone.  Minions 1 and 3, on the other hand, get a little bored with this after about 15 minutes.  {Some days, just after 2 minutes!}  This leaves Minion 2 feeling neglected when no one wants to play with her.

Another example includes Minion 1 who can be a little controlling at times and likes to specify the actions of each individual at each second while playing.  This leaves Minions 2 and 3 feeling inferior and actually a little angry toward Minion 1 at times.


To remedy this play-time contention, we created a “Family Activity Picker” that ensures that each person in the family {including parents and a space for a friend} has the opportunity to select the next activity.  This helps in teaching the kids to take turns and allows them to each have the ability to select what to do next.  This has been fun as it allows for the youngest to choose the activities for his big sisters – it typically includes trains or puzzles 🙂

We developed this utilizing Microsoft Word {customizable} – printed it out, laminated it {yes, I’m that mom}, taped it to our refrigerator, and added a circle magnet to indicate whose turn it is to pick.  {The tape helps it lay flat without needing multiple magnets.}

I have included a free printable for your family.  I hope it works as well for you as it has for us!


–>Download the Family Activity Picker: free printable

Have a great day!



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