Welcome to Fun & Frugal Mama!

Thanks for stopping by!

I developed this site as a place to store fun and frugal ideas for me and my friends.  Then I thought, well, I’m pretty certain that others could easily benefit from some of these little tips and tricks, so it kind of expanded 🙂

Essentially, I am a {somewhat new} stay-at-home mom with three little minions who keep me and my amazing husband on our toes!  We are a silly family with three daily goals:

  1. Learn something new,
  2. Help someone, and
  3. Make someone smile.

I hope you find this site useful and please feel free to browse around. My newest blog posts are located just under my picture. The most popular posts are also listed, located just under my Instagram.

Let me introduce you to my family 🙂


Feel free to follow me in the social media realms as well for some fun deals and true-to-life minion fun 🙂

And, if you are interested, you can read a little more about how I got to where I am.

Have a great day!

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